Japanese Knotweed Removal in West Wemyss

Japanese Knotweed Removal in West Wemyss

If you are interested in Japanese Knotweed removal, our team can offer a number of services to get rid of the plant and prevent further damage coming to your property.

Domestic Knotweed Infestation in West Wemyss

Domestic Knotweed Infestation in West Wemyss

If you find yourself suffering from a domestic knotweed infestation, it is important you get specialists to carry out the removal of the plant to ensure it doesn't return after a while.

Killing Japanese Knot Weed in West Wemyss

Killing Japanese Knot Weed in West Wemyss

We can carry out a number of services to kill Japanese Knotweed and prevent it from growing back and causing more damage to your property and surroundings.

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Japanese Knotweed Removal in West Wemyss 

Our team provides expert Japanese knotweed removal in West Wemyss KY1 4 to prevent your property from being subject to damage due to the knotweed plants.

Removing Japanese knotweed from your garden by the root is imperative to prevent further damage to your property. Japanese Knotweed can also be controlled by using a herbicide treatment programme (HTP) however this does not fully eradicate the invasive plant as excavation can. 

Japanese Knotweed grows at a concerning rate in Spring and Summer and can grow up to 20cm per day.


Japanese Knotweed can be a real problem since it can grow through a number of materials such as tarmac, concrete flags, block paving and even walls.

We can get rid of Japanese Knotweed in West Wemyss by excavating the area and disposing of it at a licensed landfill.

Please get in touch for details on the Japanese knotweed removal.

All you have to do is complete the contact form provided on this page or ring this number 07849883766 and we will respond right away. 

Japanese Knotweed Removal Specialists

How to Get Rid of Japanese Knotweed

There are a variety of ways to get rid of Japanese knotweeds. One popular method is to apply chemical treatments, however, this can be expensive and time-consuming. Another option that we offer to get rid of the plant is burning the weeds. This needs to be done in a controlled way to ensure the safety of those who are nearby.

Our specialists can also simply dig out the roots and get rid of them. It's important to get professionals to carry out these treatments to ensure all the plant is removed. For details on getting rid of the unwanted Japanese plant, please get in touch using the contact box provided. We will be more than happy to offer you more details and answer any questions or queries that you may have so spoken to us now for more information. 

Japanese Knotweed Eradication Near Me

When thinking about Japanese-knotweed eradication in your building and in surrounding areas it's important to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

You will also need to make certain that the correct treatments are being offered. It is vital to use specialist treatments to ensure the weed is removed effectively. You also have to make sure you are aware of contaminated soil to make certain you do not risk the knotweed growing back.

We would also recommend setting up a barrier making sure the Japanese weed does not spread onto other areas.

To learn more about Japanese-knotweed eradication, please complete our enquiry form. 

Knotweed Removal Costs in West Wemyss

There are a number of things that can alter the knotweed removal costs in West Wemyss KY1 4 including the number of weeds and the location. Obviously, the amount of knotweed that needs to be removed will have an effect on the cost.

The more knotweed that you have the more costly the removal will be. Another thing that can have an effect on the cost is how far along the weeds have grown.

If the weeds have been growing for a long time and have caused a lot of damage, you may find that killing the knotweed is more expensive.

After you have paid for the removal of knotweed you may also need to pay for fixes to your property for the damage caused by the weed, so this is something you must consider.

To find out more about removal costs, please contact our team using the enquiry form presented on our page.

A member of staff will get back to you at the earliest opportunity with details on the prices involved and how we can remove the knotweed.

How to Permanently Kill Japanese Knotweed 

If you are interested in how to kill Japanese-Knotweed, please follow the following steps:

  1. Dig up the plant and roots - it's important to remove all the roots since they can grow back with just 0.8g of the root.
  2. Dry out the plant and use a controlled fire to burn it.
  3. Treat the roots with a specialist chemical treatment.

Our specialists can offer a number of treatments to kill and remove Japanese-Knotweed to ensure your home or workplace remains in good condition and isn't negatively affected by the growth of this unwanted plant. 

Killing the Weed Infestation Near Me

It is important to have professionals in to kill the weed infestation to ensure the weeds do not grow back. If you are looking for a local company to kill a weed infestation nearby your property, please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Since we work nationwide, we can get experts closest to you to come and complete the removal works for you.

We make sure to offer the best rates across the United Kingdom to make sure you get the most for your money.

Japanese Knotweed Removal Specialist

Although there may be cheaper contractors who can kill the weed infestation, it's important that you check that they are experts within the industry since leaving just 0.8g of roots can result in the knotweed growing back.

Can you remove Japanese knotweed yourself?

It is possible to treat Japanese Knotweed yourself, although it is costly and time-consuming. Japanese Knotweed may grow up to 10cm per day, so it is critical to act quickly and effectively when removing it. An insurance backed guarantee from a professional Japanese Knotweed firm is required to obtain a guarantee that will satisfy buyers and mortgage lenders.

How difficult is it to get rid of Japanese knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed is very difficult to eradicate completely.

If your DIY efforts with a glyphosate-based weed killer fail, we can provide professional advice for removal. 

How dangerous is Japanese knotweed?

Japanese knotweed is not dangerous to humans, despite inflicting property damage. Some people have experienced slight skin irritation after coming into touch with the plant. Japanese knotweed is frequently mistaken with Giant Hogweed, which is a serious hazard to humans.

How do you Identify Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed has creamy-white flowers (panicles) that emerge in clusters between late August and mid-September. 

We can help with the identification in West Wemyssof the knotweed in your garden. 

Is Japanese Knotweed Classified As Controlled Waste?

Japanese Knotweed is considered controlled waste due to it being an invasive weed in the UK. 

We offer an insurance backed guarantee and have a waste carriers license, issued by the Environment Agency.  

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