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We are Japanese knotweed Specialists and are experts in Chesterfield WS14 0 when it comes to the identification and removal of this unwanted weed.

We are committed to making a positive difference through all of our services and the areas where we operate. We are a company that values our customers, staff, and environment. We pride ourselves on our high expectations. We care about the small details, the value of good communication, and keeping our promises.

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Japanese knotweed, also known as Asian knotweed, can be very damaging to building and the roots can even grow through hard surfaces such as tarmac. If you identify this invasive non native plant within your grounds, it is recommended to have this sorted as soon as possible to avoid further damage being caused.

Our professional team of Japanese Knotweed specialists can offer top quality control and removal services to relieve your home or workplace of the plant and prevent it from coming back. 

If you would like more information regarding the services which we can provide, please contact us using the enquiry form provided on this page or by ringing the number above.

We'll be able to answer any questions or queries that you have on the knotweed plant and can offer a free quotation for the removal or identification if required. 

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What is Knotweed?

Knotweed, otherwise known as Fallopia Japonica, is a type of plant that is listed as one of the world's worst invasive species. An invasive species has a serious impact on biological diversity and human activities. This is why anyone who has the weed growing near their property will want to get it removed as quickly as possible. 

Japanese Knotweed Specialists

Knotweed is a dangerous plant that can grow through a number of strong surfaces such as concrete flags, block paving and tarmacadam. Knotweed can even damage buildings too especially if it has been left to grow for a number of years. The plant can grow through cavity walls which could cause even more damage to your home or workplace. Since the unwanted plant can also damage boundary walls, they could end up falling over if the knotweed is not treated as quickly as possible.

Although knotweed cannot grow through concrete, it will take advantage of any cracks in the surface and grow through - potentially causing more damage to the surfacing. For more info regarding the Japanese weed and what damage it can cause, please contact us now. You can speak to a member of our team by simply filling in the contact box provided and someone will respond at the earliest opportunity.

Japanese Knotweed Specialists Near Me in Chesterfield

If you're looking for a nearby Japanese Knotweed company that is local to you, we can get our team of experts closest to your property to come out and identify and remove the plant. We have a number of specialists nationwide who know exactly what the Japanese weed looks like and are capable of removing the unwanted plant in Chesterfield in a safe and effective way.

We understand that you may be scared if you see Japanese Knotweed growing on your property, which is why we offer specialist services to remove this invasive weed.

We would be more than happy to offer you more info on the services which our Fallopia Japonica specialists can carry out if needed. To speak to our specialists please complete the enquiry box provided and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. 

Our Services 

We offer a range of specialist services to help people affected by Japanese Knotweed:

  • Identification - Identifying the spread of Japanese Knotweed 

  • Removal - Kill Japanese knotweed with specialist weed killer

  • Disposal - Dispose of Japanese knotweed (controlled waste) 

We also offer the removal of other invasive plant species as well as a bespoke management plan. 

Japanese Knotweed Control in Chesterfield

We offer Japanese knotweed control to prevent damage to your garden or property. Our experts can kill and remove the roots to ensure they don't grow again. It is important to control Japanese knotweed early on so that little damage is caused.

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Our team of chartered surveyors can offer a Japanese Knotweed management plan using a chemical control or even install a root barrier membrane if you have a Japanese Knotweed infestation. 

This weed can be very dangerous and it is important you get a professional to complete identification and removal to ensure all the roots are gone. If you carry out the work yourself, you may miss some which will mean the knotweed can grow back. 

Knotweed Insurance Guarantee 

As specialists in the industry, we are specialists in Environment Agency approved eradication methodologies to kill Japanese Knotweed. Our eradication works are covered by our 10 years £5 million warranty. We can also offer separately underwritten IBG's which cover the full contract value and building insurances.

We also specialise in Eco Control Solutions involving surveying, Japanese knotweed treatment and eradication of invasive plant species. We have 8 regional offices around the UK and Ireland and have experience in the eradication industry. We will conduct knowledgeable and professional visits with an efficient service. A number of methods can be used to remove the knotweed and bespoke treatment packages may be designed to suit your needs and requirements.

It is best to identify the plant early to relieve some of the eradication works necessary. We are able to carry out a no-obligation free site survey for a number of plant species including Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, and Himalayan Balsam. All of these species are classified as schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and can delay a project and increase costs if not managed correctly early on.

If your site does have an invasive plant species problem, we will get a report sent to you and give you an option of the most cost-effective way to deal with it.

Knotweed Treatment Near Me

We offer professional knotweed weedkiller treatment in Chesterfield WS14 0 along with surrounding areas to prevent the plants from growing back again once removed. As experts in the industry with many years of experience, we know just how to get rid of unwanted weeds and stop them from damaging your property.

We make use of specialist treatments that will work. Although there may be cheaper contractors out there to carry out the work, some of their methods may not work and you could end up with the plant growing back again and causing damage. Our specialists will make certain that all the knotweed is removed so you won't have to worry about the plant coming back again.

If you'd like details on our knotweed treatment please speak to us directly using the contact form provided. As soon as we receive your enquiry we'll get back to you with all the information you need.

What does Japanese knotweed look like?

Here are the tell-tale signs to look out for when you believe you may have a knotweed problem:

  1. Red shoots appearing. 

  2. Leaves shaped like a shovel/heart. 

  3. Leaves start to yellow. 

  4. Canes turn brown. 

  5. Leaves are shaped like a shovel. 

  6. Flowers are a creamy-white colour. 

  7. The stems are hollow.

If you notice any of these signs, please speak to a registered professional immediately.

If you would like to find out more about the identification of Japanese Knotweed in Chesterfield, please have a read through our page which explains this in more detail.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Japanese Knotweed?

The average Japanese Knotweed removal cost is somewhere in the region of £1,750 - £7,000. 

This will depend on varying factors such as location in the UK, size of the area, treatment required etc. 

Chartered surveyors will start by identifying Japanese knotweed before providing a price to rectify the knotweed problem

Where did Japanese knotweed come from?

The Japanese Knotweed plant species (fallopia Japonica) is native to Japan, Korea, and parts of East Asia and China. It was brought to the United Kingdom by the German-born botanist Philipp von Siebold in the year 1850, riding the wave of popularity that was sweeping Victorian Britain to collect and research plants from all over the world.

Japanese knotweed flowers and foliage were once admired for their attractiveness, so much so that the Society of Agriculture and Horticulture in Utrecht called it "the most fascinating new ornamental plant of the year" in 1847.

Why is Japanese knotweed a problem?

Japanese Knotweed is not native to Europe, and it was introduced to the United Kingdom without natural enemies. However, Knotweed does impact ecosystems by crowding out native vegetation and reducing the variety of plant and animal organisms.

What damage can Japanese knotweed do?

If you have Japanese knotweed growing near your home, retaining/garden wall, fence, or garden building, the underground roots and rhizomes can cause damage to these structures by exploiting cracks/mortar joints and vulnerabilities. Damage will occur as a result of the pressure exerted by the developing rhizomes.

How do you permanently get rid of Japanese knotweed?

Glyphosate-based herbicides have shown to be the most successful in combating Japanese knotweed. However, glyphosate is used in various herbicides, some of which are more effective than others for Japanese Knotweed removal. 

Please get in touch via the contact form for professional advice for Japanese Knotweed solutions including treatment and removal. 

Can you mortgage a house with Japanese knotweed?

Lenders are wary of properties damaged by Japanese knotweed, but getting a mortgage isn't impossible. Due to the risk of harm posed by the plant and potential resale issues, lenders are concerned that a property with knotweed may not be a good asset for a mortgage.

What Is The Property Care Association?

The Property Care Group (PCA) is a trade association that represents experts who can be trusted to solve building-related issues. The Property Care Association seeks to promote high professional and technical standards in the industries it represents.

What Is an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

Japanese Knotweed insurance backed guarantees are designed to cover the liabilities in the event of the knotweed specialist that has provided the guarantee not being able to perform due to insolvency.

Contact Our Team

If you'd like more information on Japanese knotweed and the effects it could have on your property, please contact our team. Our experts will be more than happy to offer you more information on the knotweed plant if necessary, so please get in touch now via phone or the contact form provided.

We will then answer any questions or queries you may have regarding Japanese knotweed and provide you with a quote for removal and identification. 

We are here to give you peace of mind that the knotweed on your property is taken care of. 

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